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Blog Dedication: Natsulovely <3

I  do this from time to time whenever im in the mood~ lol

this blog will be dedicated to natsulovely~! From what i saw it seems like im her first follower which i find awesome! :P I just followed her not too long ago, and Tumblr’s bein mean about not letting me send her fan mail so im all “ASDFGHJKL WHY!” D: so i’ll say wat i wanna say here cuz i cant wait XD

Might i say that you and your man are just PERFECT! and i just love your blogs! They’re so happy and energetic and oh so adorable! X3 everytime i look at ur posts i go all “D’awwww my feels are getting all cutesy XD”

if u guys love couple blogs follow this girl!
http://natsulovely.tumblr.com/ I gurantee u she will make ur day every time! :3

i reaaally look forward to seeing more of ur blogs and its nice that u like the boyfriend tag that i found XD plus in responce to ur comment about A im just iffy with her. I’ll be honest i dont hate her, she’s just showing a lot of jealousy lately….idk if ur already kno what i mentioned about A or not but if ur curious u can look at my previous blogs if u havent XD i just hope this situation is resolved without any more negative moments…<.<

i hope you and your man live happily ever after, wish u lots of happiness the world has to offer and more, and i hope u and i become good friends! :D (i think we might become awesome friends since i noticed ur a fan of anime! :P)

until next time~ :3

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